5 Things We Love About You, Alyssa

Dear Alyssa

Happy, happy birthday my sweet Angel.

Just 2 weeks ago, your best friend turned 5 and you told me it seems like forever until you’ll be 5! But here we are – you are officially 5 – a whole hand. High Five! It wasn’t that long of a wait, was it?

I’m so sorry that you had a tough week fighting off a gastro bug, but I’m so glad that you’re feeling better and that you’re on your A game to celebrate your special day with friends and family.

Instead of giving you a birthday card today, I thought I’d leave something here that you could perhaps read in lets say another 5 years or 10 years or even 2 decades later!

Over this last year you have grown up to be a real little lady and there are a few qualities that have stood out and are really noteworthy – 5 to be exact.

You wear your heart on your sleeve

My girl, I have never met anyone who is as honest as you are. When you’re unhappy, you say so. When you are sad, you tell us exactly why. Don’t ever change that for anyone or anything. You are so in touch with your feelings and keep it that way.

5 things we love

You are THE most complimentary person we’ve ever met

It’s been noted in every pre-school report card that you’ve received – You can honestly make a stranger feel like a million bucks when you give a compliment. It’s always sincere and from the heart. Be it a pretty dress the person is wearing or the fact that you just love their smile, you always see the beauty in everything.

You’re A Creative Soul

We just love seeing your creativity come to the fore. Your love for creating things with your hands, be it a new dress for your dolls or a drawing in art class, or a new ballet position you learn – everything has a meaning attached to it.

Don’t lose that spark, my love.

You are the BEST big sister

5 things we love

Alyssa, you are such an amazing big Sis. We couldn’t be prouder. When Aidan started school recently, you literally took him under your wing and showed him the ropes. You actually took the stress completely off from Mom and Dad.

You told everyone that you’ve got a little brother named “Aidy Baby” in the toddler class, and it just took a couple of days for all your classmates (and even some parents) to start saying hi  and bye to “Aidy Baby” – as if they knew him all to well.

Thank you!

You Love with ALL of your heart

I LOVE the fact that you tell us at least a few times a day that you love us. We love you so much too. As I said before, you wear your heart on your sleeve, and that is so OK with us!

It’s even rubbed off on Aidan – as he recently confessed his love to your best friend 🙂

We hope that you enjoy your party today, Alyssa!

We Love YOU will all of our hearts.

xxx Mom, Dad and Aidan




  1. Juwayra February 10, 2018

    She sounds like a real special girl.
    Congratulations on her birthday.

    • Hayley February 10, 2018

      Thank you

  2. thea lennox February 10, 2018

    Happy birthday to your little girl. May she be blessed with greatness in her life.

  3. LadyLebz February 10, 2018

    Beautiful love letter 🙂

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