Host Your Kids Birthday Party Virtually With Jelly And Custard

virtual kids birthday

Lockdown life has certainly come with many limitations – some we would never have dreamed to imagine a year ago!

To date, in our home we’ve had 2 lockdown birthdays and it’s the first time we weren’t able to celebrate it with friends and extended family members.

My kids have had a party for every single one of their birthdays, but this year things had to be different. Alyssa had a party at home in February, however Aidan’s birthday was right at the beginning of lockdown, so we will definitely need to make it up to him next year!

I am sure there are many families who can relate, however there is some good news for those who are still due to celebrate their birthdays in lockdown … cue Jelly and Custard!

Host Your Kids Birthday Party Virtually With Jelly And Custard

If your child’s birthday is coming up then you’ll pleased to hear about the newly launched business, Jelly and Custard.

They know exactly how important each birthday party is to both parent and child and how tough it has been not being able to celebrate and socialise in person with family and friends, since the lockdown was implemented. This is exactly where they come in….

Jelly and Custard will provide you with the convenience of celebrating your little one’s milestones virtually, without the added stress of co-ordinating it on your own.

Being able to celebrate and inject joy and laughter into families during this tedious time is so important and this is why I love this concept so much.

virtual kids birthday

How it Works

On the day of your child’s birthday party, all goods are delivered to the birthday boy/girls house. The rest of the family and friends will get cupcakes/party boxes/balloons (all tailored to your needs).

virtual kids birthday

If you’re not sure where to start, Jelly and Custard have various packages which you can choose from as a guideline. However, they will be more than happy to tailor things where necessary.


Edutainment plays a big role these days, doesn’t it? However at a normal birthday party you would probably have a jumping castle or face painter but that’s not really possible these days unfortunately.

For the party, Jelly and Custard offers a fun session with an online educator. They will facilitate the link up with each home, while parents need to ensure they have a stable WIFI connection.

virtual kids birthday

The educator will edutain your little ones for 30 – 60 minutes, depending on their age.

Edutainment ranges from Art & crafts ; comedy ; clowning ; story telling ; acting and physical therapy play ; movement and dance orientation ; sing a longs and puppeteer.

Jelly & Custard would also include pre and post activities that the parents and kids could practice before the party, and an activity to do after!

Sounds like fun!

If you would like to find out more, visit the Jelly and Custard website or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.




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