Festive Reindeer Chocolate Bark

reindeer bark

School is out for the year and I am trying to keep the kids as creative and occupied as possible!

There is now lots of time to get the kids involved in making some of their own tasty Christmas treats and crafts!

This week they made some yummy festive chocolate reindeer bark. It’s a really fun way to keep them busy and I think it will actually make for a gift for those chocolate lovers!

Reindeer Chocolate Bark

The bark is really quick and easy to make and the kids absolutely love putting it all together.


  • 200g milk chocolate chopped
  • red Smarties or M&M’s
  • 8-10 small pretzels
  • a few white mini marshmallows sliced into eye shape or small white round cake sprinkles
  • red liquorice cut into lengths
  • sprinkles and stars
festive reindeer chocolate bark



Line a baking tin with baking paper. Heat the chocolate in the microwave in 30-sec blasts, or over pans of simmering water. Pour the chocolate into the baking tin. Spread the chocolate out to make a reasonably thick slab.


Arrange the red smarties/M&M’s over the slab at intervals – these are the reindeer noses. Cut a marshmallow in half and press above the smarties to make the eyes (or use the white round sprinkles). Snap a pretzel in half for each set of antlers, then push into the chocolate near the noses.


Add the strips of liquorice under the noses to form the mouths.

festive chocolate reindeer bark


Sprinkle the bark with the stars and sprinkles. Allow to set


Use a knife to cut the bark into pieces around the reindeer.

festive chocolate reindeer bark

To give these as gifts, you can put the chocolate shards in cellophane bags and tie with a pretty festive ribbon or you and the kids can simply just enjoy it at home as a treat!




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