Deon Wiggetts “My Only Story” Helps Parents Identify Paedophiles In Our Midst


So the kids are back at school and Mom’s and Dads have a bit of a break now from 24/7 care!

It’s a relief but at the same time we are putting our trust in the teachers to take care of our precious ones.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard or seen the headlines about the comments about rape made by our Education Minister to pupils at a Pretoria school this week – if not, read about it here.

It was a very dangerous and shocking statement which she now says was taken out of context. Nevertheless, people are not too happy about it.

The timing was weird for me as the statement was made, as I was finishing reading My Only Story from Deon Wigget.


my only story

About The Book

In November 2019, Deon Wiggett’s sensational weekly podcasts held South Africa in thrall as he hunted down the paedophile who raped him as a schoolboy. Now, in My Only Story, he com­pletes his exposé of Willem Breytenbach, the once brilliant teacher and later media luminary who led a predatory life.

Deon’s mission to expose his abuser takes him from Breytenbach’s high-school years at an agricultural school in South Africa’s hinterland to the famous Grey College in Bloemfontein and the media titan Naspers. But his quest reveals so much more. As he traces systemic fail­ures through schools great and small, he uncovers a culture of complicity that poses a clear and present danger to the country’s children.

Why Every Parent Should Read This

While investigating men who prey on boys and girls, Deon devises a model that anyone can use to identify paedophiles in their midst. In his own words: ‘It’s pleasant to pretend that men don’t rape children, but once you accept that they do, it becomes surprisingly easy to recognise their trickery. Once you match a universal pattern to a specific man’s profile, you can spot the deceit before it is too late.’

My Only Story is an absolutely riveting, thoughtful and often irreverent account of one man’s determi­nation to overcome childhood trauma; to help others face their demons; and to extract some beauty from the boyhood he lost.

The scary part that opened my eyes about a paedophile, is that there is a process of “grooming” a child – but not just the child… in some cases, the parents too! They are charismatic and study their prey a great deal before pursuing.

This book was heartbreaking and difficult to read at times, but it has definitely given me some tools to spot red flags and when someone’s intentions are not as pure as it seems. This is why I think every parent should read it!

The book is available from any of these outlets:
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