I Influenced My Husband To Read

influenced my husband to read

I absolutely cringe when someone calls me an “Influencer”. Yes, I know – these days it’s a collective term to describe anyone that has a platform online and that does include my little corners on the internet. However, the title is something I can’t get used to. My purpose on my platforms is to inspire rather than influence, but anyway – that’s a topic for another day.

But when I positively “influence” someone who I am married to – I will gladly grab that title with both hands, especially when it relates to one of my absolute favourite things – books!

I Influenced My Husband To Read

I’ve been married to Kurt for over 13 years and up until the December holidays, I could count on my one hand how many times I’ve seen him read an actual book.

Things changed drastically over the last few months and it all started when he asked me to recommend a book he could read over the holiday season. I gave him a few ideas that was already on our shelves but he didn’t seem so interested. I then remembered the golden rule when it comes to reading and it’s something I always say to people who tell me they want to start reading more: Choose a book about something that really interests you.

So I decided to hit the bookstore to find Kurt a book which I could include with his Christmas present and before I even stepped inside the store, I saw THE book in the window which I knew would be the one.

Kurt is a major Discovery Channel fan! He loves these outdoor, living out in the wild kind of shows. He has probably watched every single Bear Grylls show and episode ever televised and when I saw his newly released autobiography, Never Give Up, in the store window – I knew Kurt would love it.

Influenced my husband to read

Bear Grylls – Never Give Up

Never Give Up is a follow up to Bear Grylls bestseller Mud, Sweat and Tears which Kurt had read years ago, so I knew he would enjoy this one. The book is about his remarkable adventures over the years along with personal stories from his toughest expeditions.

Kurt finished this book in a couple of days!

Side note: I read the book recently and have probably only watched a couple of episodes of any Bear Grylls show yet I absolutely LOVED this book. So many lessons learnt in the wild that can be applied in daily life – WOW! I was absolutely impressed.

I Influenced Him To Read Even More!

Kurt really enjoyed Never Give Up to say the least and while he was reading it, I was reading Mariah Carey’s The Meaning of Mariah Carey. I was enjoying this read so much and was even listening to her music videos, referencing her stories shared in the book about each song. I kept telling Kurt about the meaning behind each song or a story about it and he was getting into it as well. So, the minute I finished it, he starting reading it!

So it was clear that Kurt enjoyed Autobiographies and he also then realised that fiction was probably not his thing which is why he never cared to read much before. Although…. he watches so many movies and series which I rarely do!?

He also finished Mariah’s book rather swiftly and went on to read both of Gabrielle Union’s books, followed by Siya Kolisi’s book – this guy is on a roll!

He has even registered and updating his books read on the Goodreads app. I am so impressed.

Keeping it going

I think the best part about being a “reading couple” is that we have something new in common and the best part is being able to chat about the books – it’s like having a permanent book club at home! ha ha

This is what we are currently reading…

What have you been reading lately?

I would love to hear!



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