On the Homefront 

Hello there! Things have been quiet my side for some reason. I haven’t been super busy or anything like that, I’ve just not been myself lately. I can’t pin point who, where, why or what but I think I’ve just been so consumed in my role as a Mom that I haven’t been concentrating on my other roles all that much. It’s also the last week of my time at home and will need to brace the big bad world again.

I am happy to go back to work but I’m starting to feel the anxiety of having to leave my little Aidy baby every morning. I know he will be in good hands. Our helper is really great with him (and Alyssa) and I feel blessed that we have her in our lives.

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Product review – Surpriso Arts and Craft Box 


Alyssa is really an arts and crafts kinda girl. Her teacher mentioned to me that although only 2, Alyssa loves doing arts and crafts and is one of the few toddlers in the class that likes to finish a project from beginning to end. From macaroni necklaces to beaded hearts, every week she comes home with a new creation.

It was therefore much to our delight when we were approached to try out the new Surpriso arts and Crafts Box.

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Mom’s link to UIF 


Almost all too often I see Mom’s complaining on social media about UIF agency’s not playing their part or how disastrous the process of claiming UIF benefits  on your own while on maternity leave can be.I’ve just received my final UIF payment from the department of labour and I’m not even back at work yet! This is all due to the fantastic service I received from Mom’s Link to UIF.
The last thing you want to worry about while you on maternity leave is cash flow. We all want to spend as much at home with baby but in most cases we also need to make sure that we have enough to make ends meet. In my case I was able to stay home for four months, receiving a portion of my salary and the balance was claimed from the UIF. Thanks to Mom’s Link to UIF I received that balance each month and according to schedule.

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Happy 4 months Aidan

 My little man is 4 months old today and what a journey it’s been thus far. We’ve had many ups and downs since he’s birth. From early sibling rivalry to RSV,  but today I am just happy that he is a happy and healthy baby! Alyssa has also overcome her feelings of anxiety towards her brother and now shows him so much affection. She calls him Aidy Baby 🙂

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