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Hello there!

This month marks 6 years since I launched Hayley’s Joys!  The time has certainly flown by. It all started as a creative outlet and at the time I had no real intentions.

But as time went by, I started learning “the ropes” and naturally I have had so many opportunities to work with brands and making it a side-gig, if you want to call it that.

I work full-time so my blog has always been a side-hustle and I still don’t have any intention of making my blog my full time focus. I enjoy blogging, it’s fun, it’s my creative outlet and I have gotten so many extraordinary opportunities from it and I want to keep things this way for now.

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A Few Life Lessons Blogging Has Taught Me

life lessons blogging has taught meThis month marks 5 years since the launch of my blog. It’s really crazy to think that I’ve been blogging for so long!

Blogging has taught me a lot. It has opened up the door for so many amazing opportunities and I have learned so much about myself and how I handle things.  Through this platform, I have gained not only a creative outlet, but it’s also something that constantly challenges me to grow as a person.

As I reflect back over the last five years, there are a few important life lessons that blogging has taught me:

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Please Vote For Me – SA Blog Awards 2016

When I started this Blog just over 2 years ago, I had no idea of what I was doing really. I knew I wanted a creative place to store some memories but I had no idea of what it took or the potential it had to grow.

Since then, it has exceeded my expectations and has opened up a whole new world for me and my family.

In the first year or so, I had a few friends and family members following (which meant the world to me). I really was and still am grateful that they took the time to even read my posts!

Today, and although I may not have the biggest following in SA, the followership has grown significantly and I am so thankful that my writing has had the tiniest little impact on a reader’s life – be it a saving tip, a competition prize or even just the comfort that they are not the only parent out there having a mini-meltdown. For me, this is the biggest reward of being a Blogger.

I’ve also worked with some amazing brands and events this year and have worked hard to share my honest opinions and experiences with you and I can’t wait to share some more – and hopefully some more exciting competitions and giveaways!

For the investment I put into the Blog this year, I’ve decided to enter the 2016 SA Blog Awards. It’s a coveted title amongst the Blogging community and I think its a great feather in one’s cap – in recognition of lots of hard work and efforts.

The only way to be recognized is by the readers themselves and those are the only votes that will count – so if you do think I am worthy please read on and follow these easy steps:

  1. You will see a red circular button on the top right-hand side of this blog page. Or if you viewing from your mobile, scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will find it there. Click on it!
  2. Select the tick box/es for Best Parenting Blog or Best Lifestyle Blog or both. 
  3. In order to confirm your vote, you will be sent a confirmation email that you need to click on.
  4. If you vote for another blog in the Parenting category after you’ve voted for mine, your vote for Hayley’s Joys will be discounted 🙁

Voting runs from 28 November 2016 – 31 December 2016.

There are so many amazing SA parenting and lifestyle blogs out there, which I am a fan of too so if I were to even feature in the top 10 I would be honoured!

Thank you so much for reading and your support.


Hayley and Co.



New year, New Address!


Happy new year Darlings!

So after months of deciding, I finally done it! Hayley’s Joys officially has it’s own domain. Yep, it’s goodbye to and Hello to

The process was hardly as difficult as I thought it would be, however it’s just one of those things that you do not want to do more than once in your life!

I’m an ALL or NOTHING kinda girl and I thought that this blog should be no different. What started as a hobby has actually turned into my “me time pasture” and I am loving it! So I’ve decided to invest in it and actually have the freedom of custom settings and other great blogging benefits.

Nothing has or will change significantly from a readers point of view, however if you have been following my blog via any platform you will need to update it to keep seeing new blog content. On the right hand side of this page, you will find the buttons to follow as you wish.