Changing Up My Fitness Regime With Kayla Istines


Last year I made great progress on the fitness front. I basically went from doing absolutely nothing in 2015, to running 10km races and visiting the gym 122 times for the year, according to my medical aid 🙂

This year I thought I’d try to change things up a bit as I was basically just doing the same old routines and hitting a plateau.

I’ve been following Kayla Itsines on Social Media for a while and have always been inspired by the progress stories she and her followers share. I thought I’d look into it and see whether it was something that I could adopt. I saw a few people  enjoying the app – like Celeste from Being Me – and got positive feedback about the workouts.

I bought Kayla’s book when it launched, mainly for some healthy inspiration and then also downloaded the free 7-day trial which I followed – and I enjoyed it!!! I continued with a 1-month subscription and so far so good.

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