Party Party Party….

IMG_1565I kid you not…. Alyssa has had a birthday party to attend every Saturday since the beginning of October – with this past Saturday being the first to have a break. Well not for long as next Saturday there is another one to attend. She also has a swim lesson every Saturday morning which means there is no time for Mom to do much else.

I’ve decided to add  Birthday gifts as an official expense on our monthly budget now! I’m not complaining though… Alyssa has enjoyed herself sooooo much at these parties and I can attest that at party number 1 she was a tad bit intimidated by a jumping castle but 6 weeks later she is quite the veteran!


I must also add that all of these parties are BOYS parties … Robots, Spiderman, Lego, Barney and Cars themed parties!

I now need to start thinking about what to do for Alyssa’s birthday party which is coming up in February. After all these parties she keeps on asking me when is it her birthday party lol. I think I will start looking for ideas now and hopefully have everything planned in time. I have to keep the following in mind though:

  1. 6 out of the 7 parties she’s recently attended are school mates – at these parties it seems that Alyssa’s WHOLE class was invited (about 12-15 kids). Am I now obligated to invite the entire class too? We have a lot of friends with kids and Alyssa has cousins too…. so we will end up with about 30 kids in total if we go that route!
  2. Is it necessary to invite our Adult family members to her party? They’ve been to Alyssa’s first and second birthday party’s but is it really necessary to invite them to the party or is it ok to just invite them for tea on the evening of her actual birthday which is a week night.
  3. Budget wise… I must also remember that 6 weeks after Alyssa turns 3, Aidan will be turning 1 so another soiree’ will need to take place. I can’t NOT have a party for Aidan as we had such a big doo for Alyssa’s first.
  4. What theme do we go with? One day Frozen is the best thing ever, then it’s Minnie Mouse but then 5 minutes later it’s Sophia! (I would much rather prefer Hello Kitty … so I will try to persuade her to follow suit)
  5. I need to find a venue…. As much as I want to host the party at home, from a cleaning perspective I prefer to have it elsewhere as after the party there’s not much cleaning and packing away! We can just go home and relax, just like we did last year after her party at Giraffe House.

Looks like I will be spending my December holiday doing a lot of planning and preparation….

What are your thoughts? Any ideas or tips? I would love to hear!