My Black Friday Wishlist On Superbalist

Black Friday Wishlist Superbalist


If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’d probably have noticed that I just love my wishlists! Well, here I am sharing yet another and this time it’s my wishlist I’ve put together for Black Friday which is on Friday 29 November.

Superbalist always goes all out for Black Friday so I’m getting ready to bag those bargains!!!

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Online Shopping – Yay or Nay?

So the other day my Boss comes up to me and asks whether I’ve ever bought clothing or shoes from an Online store before. I of course replied saying yes and he was like “How can you buy something without being able to see it or try it on?”

It’s something I’ve become quite accustomed to of late and I don’t really see it as a deterrent. Maybe at first I did. Like what do you do if it doesn’t fit? Or if it breaks? Well, it’s pretty much the same as if you’d buy in store. In fact it’s easier, because someone will collect the item from you!

I also kind of enjoy the wait, the build up and excitement of having the items delivered. How will it look? How will it feel? Will it fit?

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My Superbalist Winter Wishlist

Stripe roll over bardot bodycon dress 3I have a night out planned with some girlfriends next month, so naturally I’ve been thinking about what on earth I’ll be wearing, especially with it becoming rather chilly in the Mother City.

Fashion wise – Winter is my favourite season, for sure! However when you’re planning to paint the town red there’s a thin line between over-dressing and under-dressing.

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