Summer In Style With The PnP Clothing x Gavin Rajah Collection

gavin rajah

Summer is here and we are looking forward to all things bright and bold!

Speaking of bright and bold, Pick n Pay Clothing has launched its third limited edition locally produced collection, designed by Gavin Rajah – a well-known South African brand synonymous with style and design.

We were gifted with some of the items from the collection and we are so in love with these fierce summer editions to our wardrobes.

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My Black Friday Wishlist On Superbalist

Black Friday Wishlist Superbalist


If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’d probably have noticed that I just love my wishlists! Well, here I am sharing yet another and this time it’s my wishlist I’ve put together for Black Friday which is on Friday 29 November.

Superbalist always goes all out for Black Friday so I’m getting ready to bag those bargains!!!

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8 Simple Ways to Find Joy in Day To Day Life


I always admire people who notice the silver lining. Sometimes I am the person who notices it, but other times I can’t help but focus on the darkness of the cloud and I end up spending way too much time on what will happen if that cloud should burst! At that time it seems so hard to find joy in day to day life.

It’s so easy to go down that negative train of thought and often it is needless.

Positive energy is also infectious, so I try to train my brain to look for a positive which helps me stay cool, calm and collected.

Here are a few ways I do just that:

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Fashion Friday – Dressing To Impress?

Dressing to impress

How we look and how we dress affects how we are perceived by others – it’s a bit harsh, but  it’s true – especially in the workplace. Dressing to impress can have a whole new meaning depending on who you are, what you’re doing and in which industry you work!

It’s not at all about being on trend with the latest fashion but it’s how you project your image through your choice of clothing.

I’m by no means a fashion expert or stylist but I do take pride in my wardrobe and dress code. I’ve just always been this way. I don’t fall victim to every new fashion trend and I don’t spend thousands each month, but what I do focus on is knowing and dressing according to my own style.

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