Satisfying my cravings – Date and Nut muffins


I’m a big fan of Kuaui’s Date and Nut muffins, even more so since I’m expecting. The problem is that they don’t bake them at every store and the stores that do bake them only do it sporadically. So last night I thought I would take matters into my own hands and attempt to make some of my own.

So I googled away and found a couple of recipes and decided on this one. It’s not very often that I bake so I thought it would be great to document the occasion. I’m very pleased with the results (it’s super yummy) but it’s missing one key ingredient which I think is the key to Kuaia’s great taste – apple. I will definitely be making another batch and will be sure to add some.


But wait... let me take a

But wait… let me take a selfie…lol

I used these silicone moulds as my muffin pans went missing during our renovations

I used these silicone moulds as my muffin pans went missing during our renovations




Tea time sorted for this weekend!





  1. catjuggles January 30, 2015

    Oh look at that beautiful tummy behind the apron! Enjoy! I love Mugg and Bean’s date and nut muffins

  2. Zayaan January 30, 2015

    I really want to try these. Will make a nice snack for my son too!

    • hayleysjoys January 31, 2015

      Definitely worth a try Zayaan. Packed one in Alyssa’s lunchbox yesterday and she loved it 😉

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