Back to work Blues

**this is a pinterest image - my transition back to work may have been easier if my work space was this minimal and pretty

**this is a pinterest image – my transition back to work may have been easier if my work space was this minimal and pretty

Its really hard being a Mom. We go through so many challenges and obstacles, yet we keep on doubting ourselves and feel guilty for just about everything. I’m back at work for almost 2 weeks now and I really thought that coming back would be easier this time around, but it really isn’t!

Maternity Leave is really bitter sweet. The first 3 months are so tiring and hard while baby is still trying to adapt to life outside of the womb and just when baby starts to get used to it and actually form a personality, Mommy needs to get back to work.

Day 1 was by far the worst. I hadn’t slept at all the night before and really felt like I was in a nightmare. My colleagues were thoughtful though. They let me just sit in peace to go through my mails and didn’t bother me with any work just yet. The day went by so slowly though and I couldn’t wait to get home to see my little kiddo’s and when I eventually did I had to once again start preparing for the next day, which is such a pain! Getting one kid ready was really easy, but getting things ready for 2 kids, yourself and hubby is not fun at all. I cant imagine how hectic it is for parents with school going kids where there is still homework to be done in the evenings… let alone extra curricular activities….OMG this will be us in a few years time!!!!

The rest of the week went  much better but it really felt like a long stretch until Friday eventually came. I was so happy and was looking forward to having a great weekend. Then life happened once again… Aidan woke up during the early hours of Saturday morning with a fever. When morning came I called the doctor who advised that I alternate panado and neurofen every 4 hours until the fever was gone. He never had any other symptoms and if there were any I would need to take him to the emergency room. Luckily the fever broke by Sunday morning and he was himself again by Sunday afternoon…. but there my weekend was gone! Just like that. I missed a family function which Alyssa and her Dad attended on Sunday, as I didn’t want to take little Aidan out. So once again I was home all weekend long…. hibernating. Although I must admit it…. I did enjoy the time cuddling with Aidan.

This week at work is going much better though. I’m starting to get back into the swing of things and I’m at least getting some more sleep than I did last week.

This is what I’m missing most about being home:

  1. Morning cuddles and lie-ins with the kids
  2. My slippers – I haven’t worn heels for a while and my feet are aching!!!
  3. Not worrying about which day of the week it is – now its all about the countdown to TGIF 🙂
  4. Soapies – I’m already out of touch with what’s happening with 7de Laan and Isidingo!
  5. Cooking (Surprisingly) – Hubby is back on duty as he gets home before I do

I’m also anxious about missing Aidan’s milestones. I got to see his first smile and his first rollover but I’m probably going to miss a few others now which is heartbreaking. I’m taking comfort in the fact that if I do miss any “first” it wont be the last.

Anyway, such is life!

What was the hardest part of returning to work for you? I would love to hear.






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