Preparing Your Baby For A Change In Routine



Nothing in life is constant, change is inevitable. Unfortunately,  many Moms have to face the harsh reality and get back to work after just a few months of maternity leave – just like I had to.

The thought of being away from your little one is absolutely daunting, regardless of who will be looking after baby. Be it a family member, Daycare or Nanny who will be watching your child, you have to have prepare yourself and your little one for that change in routine.

We’ve had a few changes in routine over the past few years.With Alyssa, my Mom took care of her after I went back to work, up until she was about 19 months. Then she stayed with a Nanny up until she went to pre-school. The same Nanny now looks after Aidan.

I thought I’d share some tips which helped our family transition through some of these changes – perhaps it could help you:

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What I love most about being back at work after maternity leave 


I’ve been back at work for about 2 months now and it’s incredible to see how much Aidan has developed in such a short time. When I get home some evenings and he greets me with his gorgeous smile, he just looks so much older than he did the day before. He’s already mastered 2 new skills within these few weeks – sitting by himself for a few seconds and rolling over from his back on to his tummy.

So yes, I am definitely missing out on special moments with him but I must admit it … I am actually enjoying being back at the office and these are the reasons why:

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Back to work Blues

**this is a pinterest image - my transition back to work may have been easier if my work space was this minimal and pretty

**this is a pinterest image – my transition back to work may have been easier if my work space was this minimal and pretty

Its really hard being a Mom. We go through so many challenges and obstacles, yet we keep on doubting ourselves and feel guilty for just about everything. I’m back at work for almost 2 weeks now and I really thought that coming back would be easier this time around, but it really isn’t!

Maternity Leave is really bitter sweet. The first 3 months are so tiring and hard while baby is still trying to adapt to life outside of the womb and just when baby starts to get used to it and actually form a personality, Mommy needs to get back to work.

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On the Homefront 

Hello there! Things have been quiet my side for some reason. I haven’t been super busy or anything like that, I’ve just not been myself lately. I can’t pin point who, where, why or what but I think I’ve just been so consumed in my role as a Mom that I haven’t been concentrating on my other roles all that much. It’s also the last week of my time at home and will need to brace the big bad world again.

I am happy to go back to work but I’m starting to feel the anxiety of having to leave my little Aidy baby every morning. I know he will be in good hands. Our helper is really great with him (and Alyssa) and I feel blessed that we have her in our lives.

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