Christmas DIY – Lindor Chocolate Wreath

The Festive season is upon us and I am so excited to spend this special time with family and friends!

We are hosting a Xmas lunch with friends at our place this coming weekend, so I have the pleasure of setting up the festive lunch table.

When I attended Kamers in Stellenbosch last month, I fell in love with the dried wreaths on exhibition from JM Floral Design. I didn’t know how long it would last before it totally dried out, but thankfully it lasted and still looks great in time for our lunch.

I was excited about decorating it and thought of a few ideas. I searched Pinterest and Youtube and I got a few ideas but when I walked past the recently opened Lindt store in Canal Walk, a lightbulb went off!

I thought adding some chocolate decadence to the traditional wreath would be a nice treat.

Alyssa was very eager to help me and I think it may have something to do with the Chocolate!

How Did I Make It?


  • Ready made wreath ( Or you could buy a wire wreath frame/ wire and make up your own frame & add some foliage)
  • 15 -20 Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles (I used 15 on the wreath, my assistant ate the rest 🙂 )
  • Red ribbon
  • Pair of Scissors
  • Festive decor – mini pine cones, sprayed dried roses and balls (you could also use some tinsel, ribbon or any other festive decorations)
  • Super Glue and/or wire to secure decor


  1. Lay all materials on a large flat surface
  2. Cut pieces of ribbon and tie on ends of chocolate balls
  3. Add the decor using wire or superglue spacing as you prefer
  4. In between the decor, add all of the Lindt Balls with a dot of superglue,
  5. And that’s it!

I’m still not sure whether I will be hanging the wreath on the door to welcome guests to our home, or whether I’m going to use it as a center -piece on the lunch table! If I do decide to hang it I will just use some bright thick red ribbon for the hanging piece.

Either way, I think it will add a cheerful sweet twist to the Day!

I hope I’ve inspired you to get creative this festive season!

Happy Holidays






  1. Enricoh Alfonzo December 5, 2016

    thats so uniquely creative! I love it. I definitely want this hanging on my door. thanks for the fun DIY

    • Hayley December 5, 2016

      Thanks Enriho! Happy Holidays

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