Say Hello To My New Little Friend: The LG NeoChef Microwave

It’s no secret that I’m not a Martha Stewart in the kitchen and if it wasn’t for my handy husband, my family and I would probably eat a lot of store-bought or pre-cooked meals.

I’m honestly not as passionate about cooking compared to other things and with my busy schedule, I really don’t have loads of time to spend in the kitchen. So when LG contacted me to review their new NeoChef Microwave oven, I was eager to find out how it could help me cook healthy and nutritious meals for my family, without slaving for hours in the kitchen.

This weekend I put it to the test, without the help of Kurt….

The microwave instruction manual contains recipes which can be used in line with the microwave settings and functionality. It’s so simple to follow. Once the food is spiced and prepared to go inside the microwave, the inside door displays the menu for which you enter your meal and the weight of it, and press start.

That’s it…

I love how bright it is while cooking. It’s in fact  3 times brighter and more energy efficient than the lights on conventional models, which allows me to easily check on the food’s status without opening the microwave. Not that I need to with the cooking options, as the microwave beeps during the cycle when food needs to be turned over or stirred. How’s that for intelligence?

This microwave is so simple to clean and to top that, it has an anti-bacterial coating! Talk about low maintenance.

My favourite feature, however, has to be the child lock.

Aidan and Alyssa help themselves up on to our kitchen counter these days, and I’ve caught Aidan trying to operate our old microwave a few times, so I’m very happy about this one. It’s simple to activate and deactivate but it would take the kids a long while to figure that out.

Yesterday, I cooked a whole chicken, potato gratin as well as roasted veggies in the microwave oven in less than 90 minutes – without having to do much during that time. The NeoChef did it all for me. I even got to read through the entire manual during that time, and I think I’ll be trying something sweet soon.

Visit the LG website to find out more about the NeoChef microwave ovens.



  1. Shan November 20, 2017

    Sounds amazing !! Thanks for this review we will be looking for a new microwave next year for New house x

    • Hayley November 21, 2017

      Hi Shan
      It’s an amazing machine. Really next level!

  2. Simone Cameron November 20, 2017

    Oh wow…looks great! I definitely am all for the child lock feature. I found my youngest had stuck the hanging cutlery thingie (the frame the cutlery hands onto??) into the microwave. Thankfully it was now on at the wall…that’s my child lock….making sure the plug is off at the wall. Oi.

    The food looks great…there may be a Martha Stewart inside you…ha ha

    • Hayley November 21, 2017

      Ha ha, definitely no Martha Stewart but it was a good try.
      I wish every appliance had a child lock on it. It’s Aidan’s mission to use and abuse all of our kitchen stuff 🙁

  3. Heather Step November 20, 2017

    Yummy! I think I must try the potato one on mine!

    • Hayley November 21, 2017

      It’s really tasty and so easy to make. Enjoy x

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