7 Signs You Know I’m A Mom


Have you ever been told that you DON’T look like a Mom?

After meeting someone for the first time, I sometimes get told that I don’t look like a Mom of 2 (how does a Mom of 2 even look, I ask myself???)

If you have also been asked this question, I think what it really means – is that you and I are really good at keeping a poker face!

But, if you look a little bit closer at me, there are a number of tell-tale signs that will show you I am most definitely a Mom!

7 Signs You Know I’m A Mom

1. If you take a look in my handbag, there’ll be a good couple of things that may give my game away. There may be an odd sock, a couple of kiddie snacks, some wet wipes, a random toy or even a mini pharmacy – depends on the day.

2. If you peak through the window of my car and take a look at the backseat, you may mistake it for a waste basket! The car seats may just also be a complete giveaway.

3. I sometimes get excited about spending time alone…. albeit in the loo….or going grocery shopping on my own…. this precious time with me, myself and I …. it can seem like a tropical vacation!

4. When buying a coffee or drink at the shop, I always grab extra serviettes and wipes. That’s because I’m so cautious of accidents (which tends to happen very often with kids around) like a glass so dangerously close to the edge of a table or a stray laptop cord that someone can trip over

5. It’s 2019 and I still answer my cell phone when it rings (almost immediately just in case the call is in regards to my kids!

6. My sense of hearing is so heightened, because… hello… I can hear a sneeze through closed doors in the middle of the night – two bedrooms away, even though Kurt is snoring right next to me!

7. I am a multi-tasker of note. Well, it comes with years of training – I mean, I can cook dinner, have a kid on my hip, talk on the phone and reprimand them, all without missing any part of the TV show I’m watching.

These are just a few things that will totally give my game away.

Are there any signs that give yours away?




  1. lameez January 28, 2019

    Hi your signs so true I can relate to all..

    • Hayley January 29, 2019

      Mom life is a thing 🙂

  2. Candice January 29, 2019

    Hehe, these signs are spot on.

    • Hayley January 29, 2019

      Glad you can relate. Mom life is the best life though lol , right.


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