Celebrating Baby’s First Year – Bailey


When Alyssa and Aidan received an invitation to Bailey’s First Birthday party, I was in total shock that a year had already gone by since this little man was born!

Bailey is the first born child of Kelly and Jakim. Jakim and Kurt have been good friends for over a decade, he was Kurt’s Bestman at our wedding & Kurt at his!

Both Kurt and I will never forget the day Jakim told us he had met his future wife, Kelly.

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Celebrating Baby’s First Year – Aidan


So it just dawned on me – I’ve been doing guest posts of Mom’s and their little one’s celebrating their first birthday but I have not even shared my own experience of my little Aidan’s first year!

This past year has certainly been the hardest and longest year of my life – but it’s all been worth it:

Let’s unpack this a little bit:

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