Making Memories With Pampers – How I Prepared For My Babies Arrival



Those weeks leading up to my both my babies birth’s were really exciting!

Knowing that our bundles of joy were about to grace us with their presence, we wanted to make sure that we were prepared!

Naturally, we were a lot more prepared with our first born Alyssa – mainly because she was our first child, so we really only had ourselves to worry about. Alyssa was also almost 2 weeks overdue, which gave us extra time to be prepared.

With Aidan on the other hand, he was born at 37 weeks and 3 days – so he was an early surprise. Alyssa also just turned 2 at the time, which meant we had a busy toddler on our hands while trying to juggle getting everything ready to bring her little brother home.

Nevertheless, and as most parents will come to realise, things don’t always go according to plan. You can, however, plan and prepare as far as possible and things will eventually fall into place. As a new parent, you will quickly learn to prioritise and quit sweating the small stuff!

For us, prioritizing meant focusing on the below, in order to welcome our babies home:

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Testing Out The New Pampers Premium Care Range


Alyssa wore Pampers Premium care from her first day right through to her last day in nappies. When Aidan was born I did try a few different types of nappies but always ended up going back to the Premium care range – so when Pampers approached me to try out the new and improved Premium care range, I was really keen to see how much more this already great product could improve!

I performed 3 tests to test the quality of the new and improved range – take a look at the results:

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Celebrating Baby’s First Year – Aidan


So it just dawned on me – I’ve been doing guest posts of Mom’s and their little one’s celebrating their first birthday but I have not even shared my own experience of my little Aidan’s first year!

This past year has certainly been the hardest and longest year of my life – but it’s all been worth it:

Let’s unpack this a little bit:

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Win Tickets To The Clicks & Babyline Baby Bootcamp In Cape Town – Competition closed

Knowledge is power in any situation and when you become a Mom for the first time, you can’t rely on that maternal instinct alone to get you through those sleepless nights!

Clicks and Babyline have partnered up to host a series of workshops nationwide which are aimed at expectant and new parents. The baby bootcamp
seeks to provide expert advice, baby related information and demonstrations to these parents.

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