WIN A Pampers Premium Care Hamper – Closed


This month I’ve been reflecting on how happy and sad it can be watching my kids grow up. There’s nothing more that I love than watching them flourish and grow, but at the same time, it’s really hard to come to terms with the fact that they will never be as small as they are today.

Time really flies by so quickly. I will never forget how excited Kurt and I were when we saw those 2 lines on a pregnancy test! It was so much fun planning the baby’s arrival, shopping for clothes and all the cute baby goodies.

We also stocked up on a few packs of Pampers Premium care diapers – and it’s just one of those things that have never let us down with both kids. No nappy rash, no accidents and no waking up during the night due to leaking! 

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**WIN** A Pampers Premium Care Hamper For Your Baby – Competition closed



I’ve had so much fun with Pampers on my Blog this month. I shared some of my favorite pregnancy memories which really got me feeling emotional. It seems like just yesterday that Kurt and I got married – and now we have 2 little people that are literally growing like weeds.

I also had a lot of fun talking to other Moms and hearing about their funny nappy changing stories, so much so that I shared some of the funniest ones in a post. If you didn’t check it out yet, save the link here and read it when you feel like having a good laugh.

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Funny Nappy Changing Stories That Will Make You LOL

fullsizeoutput_1bfaDisposable Diapers of today, particularly Pampers have really come a long way – like the silky smooth Pampers Premium care with absorbent channels, which provides our baby’s bottoms with dryness and comfort for as long as 12 hours! 

However, sometimes there’s just no diaper on earth that can prevent certain, should I say “explosions”, that will leave you wanting to cut your baby’s cutest little outfit off!

I asked a few Mom’s to share their funniest nappy changing experience where they had a real mess to clean up!

NOTE: You may want to get a cup of coffee and sit in a place where you can laugh as loud as you can 🙂

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