My Favourite Insta Moments of 2019

insta moments 2019

If I had to describe 2019 in a five words, I would have to say it was all about learning and growth but not in the typical book smart way. It was all lessons I learned about myself.

I share quite a bit about me and my family and our day to day life on my platforms, but there’s actually a lot that I haven’t shared this year. There were so many highlights and a couple of low lights too, just like anyone else.

I however prefer focusing on the positive so (yes I do however acknowledge and learn from these things, that’s key) but I thought I’d do a recap of some of the fun things I’ve done and celebrated this year and perhaps mention 1 or 2 things I haven’t before:

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Stop Comparing & Celebrate Your Individuality!

Stop Comparing

So many of us find ourselves in the toxic situation of comparing ourselves to people that we see online, or people we work with, family members, “influencers”, friends or even celebrities.

It sometimes makes us envious and we feel sad, depressed or even angry! We are all human and these emotions can make us crumble when we are already feeling low.

But this is really not the way to live!

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