Dear Husband, While I’m Away, Please…


So the time has come  for my solo vacation and dear Husband, I thank you for being you! I can totally count on you for so many things, this is just one example.

But, I have a few things to ask of you while I’m away. It won’t take up too much of your time, in fact – it might save you some!

Dear Husband, while I’m away, please….

Dont watch our series until I get back!

There are very few series we actually both enjoy, so please don’t watch any of it without me. We can binge watch it together when I’m back.

Make sure our WIFI is working 100% at all times

Please make sure the WIFI is 100% spot on while I’m away. I want to have a video call with the kids every single day while I’m gone. So please keep your eye on the connection.

Don’t let the kids walk all over you

The kids have you wrapped around their little fingers, that’s no secret. They know which button of yours to push and when!

Please don’t fall for their tricks. Stand your ground!

But spoil them too!

At the same time, they are probably missing me so perhaps it’s okay to give them a little more over this period.

Water my plants

Yes, yes, I know. You do this anyway. But please, I’m officially off plant watering duty while I’m gone so please officially take the role.

Make sure the kids look half decent

When I saw the below post on Instagram, I can honestly see this happening with our kids. Yes, we love how independent our kids are by dressing themselves – but Hubby, they need guidance! Please do take note of what they wearing when they leave the house!

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COME ON, BRAD!!! #swipeleft for the whole exchange #averageparentproblems Photo: @alizafriedlanderjmore

A post shared by Ilana Wiles (@averageparentproblems) on

Send me pics every day

Please, please take as many pictures of the kids and send to me whenever you can. I don’t want to miss out on anything, be it something small or big.

Miss me… a lot

It’s been a while since we’ve spent this much time apart. You are an amazing husband who is really not thinking twice about holding the fort all on your own for two weeks. In between all the mayhem and madness doing everything for our two little bosses, please take a moment to miss me. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, so lets see!

Cos I know I will miss you ….

I know I will miss you all from day 1, but thank goodness its 2019 and we can video call, chat and communicate whenever we want!

See you in August.



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