Product Review – Pampers unisex pull up pants 

IMG_9751A few weeks back i was asked to try out the new Pampers pull up pants with Alyssa. Although she is fully potty trained during the day, she still wears a nappy at night due to her still drinking bottles of milk. She also wears one should we be out and about around the time of her daytime nap.

I was happy to be asked as we haven’t really tried out pull up pants before and just use the normal Pampers premium care at night but the problem with that is if Alyssa wakes up and wants to use the potty during the night, it’s a mission to take off the nappy.


On the first night of use and after only one bottle of milk throughout the night, the pants was still in tact with no leaks. Yay!

The next night however after 2 bottles of milk and 10 hours of sleep the pants did leak on the sides. In fact every night where she had more than 1 bottle it leaked unfortunately. I think that’s the big difference between the premium care with side straps and the pull up pants.

The pants have however been great for outings where we know Alyssa will fall asleep in the car. It also makes it easy for her to use the potty whereby she can just pull the pants down as opposed to first calling Mom or Dad to help, which she sometimes does during the night even.

Alyssa loves the overall design and feel of the nappy, perhaps because it gives her that confidence to go on her own as well. Whenever she’s about to get dressed she says ” I want the panty nappy Mommy… With the lion on” …

If we can get Alyssa off the night time bottles (hopefully soon) then this will definitely be the way to go but until then we going to have to stick to the premium care.


  1. Stephanie July 22, 2015

    Ya thanks for the info, also soon to start potty training my daughter and was wondering what nappies to start using

  2. Thato September 14, 2015

    I love Pampers pants


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