Monthly Motherhood Status – January

Happy Monday!

Can you believe it’s February already?

This year I thought I’d start a new series similar to my pregnancy updates but this time it will be a mix of Aidan’s milestones, Alyssa’s tyrants as well as what I’m juggling as a mom of 2 little tots and maybe here and there a little bit of what Dad’s up to as well.

So here’s what January had in stores for us:

Aidan is 10 months! 


Wow, it’s so hard to believe how quickly the past 10 months have gone. It seems like just yesterday that he was still in my tummy!

Aidan is now motoring around the house, even though he’s not totally crawling – he skoots and rolls around to get where he wants to be. I’m sure he will figure out the crawling bit very soon.

He is starting to imitate what we are saying, particularly Mama, Dada and Baba. He’s totally obsessed with Alyssa as well as his four legged siblings Tony and Trevor. He even hand feeds Trevor flings and then laughs out loud.

He has 2 teeth which actually erupted when he was 7 months old already but there’s no sign of anymore yet.

Aidan’s sleep patterns are still quite erratic. One night he’ll sleep from 8pm- 5am straight, the next night he’ll wake up moaning twice during the night. Who knows why? But at least I’m now getting my 8 hours a few nights a week.

He’s still a Mommy’s boy but is not as clingy as he was say a month or 2 ago. I think he went through a bit of separation anxiety and couldn’t even stand the sight of a stranger. He would just start screaming if someone unfamiliar to him made eye contact.

He just adores his caregiver and I really don’t know what we would do without her. She has such a special bond with both Alyssa and Aidan & it’s just so special to see.

Alyssa is almost 3 


In a few days time my Big Girl will be 3!

Preparations  for Alyssa’s Minnie Mouse themed party are in full swing and I’m not sure who’s more excited for the big day… Me or her.I have a few more things to sort out in terms of decor but the party venue takes care of most  things.

Alyssa’s in a new class at school this year – the Pre-school class! We walk past her old toddler class now in the mornings and she says “that’s the Baby class Mom, I’m in the Big girl class”. She’s settled in quite nicely and has made a few new friends who she’s insisted must come to her birthday party.

Unfortunately this past week has been a rough one for her. Last weekend she was attacked by mosquitos which left her with very puffy eyes and then a few days later she came down with tonsillitis. She was home all of last week to recover and thankfully she’s doing better. Her one tonsil is still quite swollen but it will hopefully improve this week.

Alyssa’s swimming lessons are going really well. She’s now able to briefly swim under water and bring herself back up. All the practice during the holidays has paid off.I’ve also enrolled her for ballet lessons as an extra mural at school, so we are excited about her first lesson coming up this week😀

Her social life is still busier than mine. Shes already been to 2 kiddies parties this year and we’ve got another 3 lined up for February including her own. Aidan’s been tagging along to the parties of late and he’s loving it!

I’m very proud of my Big girl – she’s officially a Big Girl actually – she’s completely off the dummy, bottle, day and night time nappies😀 These were all decisions she has made on her own.

One down, one to go!

Mom and Dad 

Well…. Like most parents of young children… We are in need of a date night! The kids totally consume our lives, day and night – we barely get 10 minutes alone and when we do we are too tired so we’ll rather just sleep.

So hopefully we can squeeze in a date night this month!

We have been making time for our health and fitness goals lately. We’ve been going to the gym sometimes even with the kids as we make use of the crèche facilities. I’m quite enjoying the whole gym buzz and it really helps clear my head. We also eating healthier and preparing foods which are good enough for the whole family including Aidan. He’s now refusing store bought food and is preferring textured finger foods.

We also started making a point of eating together as a family, especially now that Alyssa is getting older. TV off, cell phones away – just plain old conversation.



That about sums up our past month….

Here’s to a Fabulous February!




  1. Sharon February 1, 2016

    Your children are adorable!

    • admin February 1, 2016

      Thank you Sharon ☺️


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