Alyssa’s Minnie Mouse Party

This past Saturday we celebrated Alyssa’s 3rd birthday with a Minnie Mouse themed party at the Fun House.

It was a day filled with lots of fun spent with family and friends and everyone had a fantastic time. The water slide seemed to be the most popular attraction at the party – Alyssa changed into her swimsuit within minutes of arriving at the venue and most of the kids followed suit!

Fun House is an absolutely amazing an convenient venue. It’s not too far from our home, they take care of all the decor and they also cater! All we had to do was bring our cake and ourselves! I didnt even bring the cake…. my good friend who baked Alyssa’s safari cake last year, outdone herself once again 🙂

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A letter to Alyssa on her 3rd Birthday


Dear Alyssa

Three years ago God Blessed us with a gorgeous daughter who changed our lives forever and today we are celebrating that blessing!

This past year has been a major adjustment for  you (and us). One moment you were our little baby and the next you were a Big sister. You’ve grown so much and your strong personality has just come to light this past year. You surprise us each and every day with the things you say, the complements you give us and the way you make us laugh.

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Monthly Motherhood Status – January

Happy Monday!

Can you believe it’s February already?

This year I thought I’d start a new series similar to my pregnancy updates but this time it will be a mix of Aidan’s milestones, Alyssa’s tyrants as well as what I’m juggling as a mom of 2 little tots and maybe here and there a little bit of what Dad’s up to as well.

So here’s what January had in stores for us:

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