My Fitness Regime (If you can call it that)


Happy Monday and Happy May!

When I set my New Years Resolutions for 2016, Fitness was one of the top priorities in mind and I’ve honestly been making the effort and it is indeed going well.

I’ve never really been a “sporty” or “gym bunny” type chick but I have always been comfortable with some moderate form of physical activity like jogging and dancing. After I had Alyssa, I was quite disciplined and ran at least 2 or 3 times a week but once I fell pregnant with Aidan, I never really done much exercise and I kept telling myself I would get back into it once he was born.

Like Hello….. Where did I think I would find the time with a newborn and toddler on my hands? Well the answer to that is – You have to make the time!

It really is as simple as that. If you don’t make the time, other things will fill up the spare moments you do have – especially if you are a parent.

Kurt and I joined the gym in December last year and we are now comfortably making the effort to go at least 3 times a week. Alyssa and Aidan are also signed up for the creche facility at the gym which makes it easier for us to find the time.

We are on Discovery Vitality and are signed up for the Vitality Active Rewards, which also gives us extra motivation to meet our fitness goals and yes – get free smoothies and coffees, get our gym premium paid back and of course fund my Apple Watch!

Gym has now actually become a de-stresser for me. After a tough day at the office, it really helps to clear my head.

So what exactly do I do at Gym? 

I am enjoying the classes, when I do manage to make it in time but I also kinda enjoy doing my own thing:

Power Pump class- basically a lot of toning exercises which is exactly what I need to tone up my flabby tummy.

Shape class– If I am up and ready on a Sunday morning, I usually go to this class – the instructor is a hard core “oldish” guy who really makes everyone work their but off! I enjoy it though. When you walk out of that studio, you literally feel like you are crawling.

Plain old Running – I prefer outdoor running, but the treadmill is just the more convenient and safer option, especially if it’s really early in the morning.

Floor – I sometimes just try out the different equipment to work my upper body and when there are 15 minute ab classes happening, I join that exercise group.

Swim – During the 35 degree+ days of Summer, I visited the gym for a few laps in the pool but really can’t bring myself to get in a swimsuit since the weather has gone south.

It really does feel good to be living a healthier lifestyle and I really do hope to continue on this road.

What is your exercise routine like? Even if you don’t have one, I’d love to hear from you – I’m sure you have some form of fitness goal in mind.

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