2017: My Year In Review

It feels like just yesterday that I jotted down my goals for 2017, and here I am again, reflecting on the fastest 12 months of my life.

2017 has been a rollercoaster ride. If I look back at the “goals” I initially set for myself this year,  I’m really satisfied with what I’ve achieved.

I hate using the word “busy”, as I think it’s pointless being busy if you’re not actually productive. So instead, I’ll say that 2017 has certainly been a productive and fruitful year.

I’ve also been blessed with opportunities which I never even thought of at the beginning of the year – so that has really made the year an extraordinary one for me.

Here’s why:

The blog had a makeover

Remember this old logo? I barely do,  but its’ where this blog started. I was and still happy with the “new look“!

Runner-up in 2016 blog awards

This came as a pleasant surprise to me early in this year! But it has really been a feather in my cap and made me so much more enthusiastic about my little space online. The blog has been nominated again for 2017 and I’d be so happy to make it to one of the top spots again. In fact, there’s still a couple of days to vote for it (only if you want to). Click Here to vote.


I made a big decision regarding my career and I have absolutely no regrets. It was a challenge getting out of my comfort zone and I honestly felt like I dived in at the deep end. But now, I’m happy and learning! That’s all that matters.

So many firsts

My kids are literally growing at the speed of light and Alyssa and Aidan have just accomplished so much in the past 12 months. Alyssa can write her name, numbers and seems to have an impecable memory!

Aidan started school, had he’s very first concert and has become a very impressive copycat, imitating every single thing Alyssa does 🙂

Celebrated 9 years of marriage

9 years and counting – looking forward to that 10 year celebrations in 2018.

Amazing Collaborations

Where the blog is concerned, I’ve worked with SO many amazing people and brands this year!  I’m looking forward to working with them again in the new year!

Collaboration with GetSmarter

Following my previous point, I am so blessed and grateful for the opportunity to have sharpened my tools by doing an online course through Getsmarter. I got to share my journey with readers, step by step and I hope it’s inspired you to evaluate your own career path and personal development.

In the new year, I’ll be sharing a little video of how the course has helped me.

Biggest Learning of 2017

People can surprise you both pleasantly and not so pleasantly. But I’ve learned so much from these situations where its the latter. I won’t even dwell on it, it just puts things in perspective for me and makes me realise what’s important to me and to my family’s well-being. Really, it’s made me so good at NOT sweating the small stuff!

See you in 2018 – new year, new goals!





  1. Heather Step December 29, 2017

    Happy new year Hayley!

    • Hayley December 29, 2017

      Thank you Heather! May 2018 be a good one for you x

  2. Veronica Bettencourt December 29, 2017

    The blog revamp is awesome! It’s something I’m considering for my blog too! Also congrats on the nominations for the blog awards! Please please give me some advice 🙂 ♥

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