7 Ways To Celebrate The New Year At Home With Kids

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With a 9pm curfew put in place, there’s no better place to spend New Years Eve than in the comfort of our homes.

2020 has been an incredibly tough year for all of us and after the request from the President, we will definitely be lighting a candle in our home at midnight, in honour of those we have lost along the way.

We would also like to mark the new year with some form of celebration with the kids, as it has indeed been a year of note.

I thought I’d share some ideas we are considering to do at home with the kids this New Years Eve.

7 Ways To Celebrate The New Year At Home With Kids

Here’s a list of some fun ways to celebrate the New Year as a family

Play Dress-Up

We did this for Halloween and it proved to be a lot of fun!

So why not get dolled up or put on some fun costumes and get the kids excited for the new year. Paint your nails, put on some make-up and wear some hats – it will certainly make for awesome pictures and memories!

Dance the night away

Why not put together a playlist of your family’s favourite songs and have a little dance party!

You can also have a dance contest and have a few prizes for the best moves.

It will also give Mom and Dad a chance to sit and relax while watching the kids jive around the house.

Camp Out

Build and indoor or outdoor fort for the night and set up camp for the night.

The kids will love setting it up and will love chilling in their for the evening!

This may be the option if you want the kids to pass out early 🙂

Pamper Night

It’s been a stressful year, so why not enjoy a stress relieving evening giving your bodies some much needed pampering.

Why not set up a manicure or pedicure station, face masks for everyone and give each other hand or foot massages?

Fancy Dinner

Why not cook up a delicious 3 course meal together on New Years?

Bring out the fancy crockery, dress up and enjoy a home cooked dinner together as a family…

You can pretend to be in a restaurant and take turns to be the waiter or waitress!

Games Night

Bring out all the boardgames and card games and play a different game each hour.

If your family is big enough, set up teams and make it a challenge for the evening!

You could also opt for an active outdoor games night and have sack races, egg and spoon races and even set up your own obstacle course!

Hour-by-Hour Countdown

Alyssa and Aidan will definitely not make it until midnight, but we’ll let them stay awake a few hours later than usual and then do an hour by hour countdown until then.

We can actually incorporate this into any of the other ideas mentioned above!

Have you got any ideas to add? I would love to hear.



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