A few books my kids are enjoying

With the cooler weather setting in, we are starting to spend a lot more time indoors. I am not going to lie – I kind of love it!

My kids also enjoy being at home when its cold and rainy outside as it gives us time to chill and relax as a family.

The cooler weather also gives us time to catch up on some reading. We all love to snuggle up with a good book – especially when it’s pouring outside!

I often get asked for book recommendations for kids, so I thought I’d share what the kids have enjoyed reading lately!

A few books my kids are enjoying

Alyssa and Aidan received these amazing books to review which are all in stores at the moment:

Delightful Tales About Difficult Topics

We received a lovely package from Delightful Tales about difficult topics which consisted of 2 story books which encourage questions that some may find uncomfortable – it’s the topics that we really need to have conversations with our kids about!

The first book, Willow Asks Why? is about a curious character called Willow who begins to question why there seem to be different rules for different people of different races. The book has a light-hearted, yet powerful message!

The newly released Musa Meets a Million Families is about Musa who has a loving family and home. Musa aims to answer a few pertinent questions as he sets out on a mission to meet the delightfully diverse families of South Africa.

What do the families look like? Where do they live? What are their favourite foods? What language do they use to communicate?

You will have to read the book to find out. You can purchase a copy of the book here

The “Z is for Zac” Series

Aidan was so excited to add a few more books to his collection in this series. Aidan has been obsessed with these books from the first day he laid eyes on them – he is a little biased as his best friends name is Zac 🙂

This series is perfect for beginner readers, with bright full colour illustrations and simple, easy-to-read text!

books my kids are enjoying

The Boy Who Hated Insects

I thought this one would stay on the shelf for a while until Aidan was able to read it, but Alyssa has gotten into it!

Here’s a little snippet of what its about:

Joshua Finkelstein Bade does not want to go on his school camp to the nature reserve. Allergic to mosquitoes, he squirms when he sees creepy crawlies and hates to touch slimy scum-bags, called slugs. YUCK! The hate he has for critters does not run in his family. One of his grandmothers is an entomologist and his grandfather, a game ranger in a South African game park, studies dung-beetles. And believe it or not, Josh is the only one in his class to not like insects. He cannot understand why his classmates love bugs so much … He pulls out every trick in the book to avoid going on the school trip, including faking that he has the measles. When all attempts to avoid the camp fail, Joshua has no choice but to tag along. Luckily, Josh discovers that the camp is not THAT horrible. He even learns to tolerate some of the many-legged critters …


Alyssa’s teacher recommended that we try and help Alyssa with Afrikaans as grade 3 has really stepped up the level of understanding needed to learn the language. Thankfully, we received copies of 2 new Afrikaans titles, which is really helping!

Here is a little bit about the series:

Kattemaai 1: Die bure se nuwe dogter

Die bure het ’n nuwe dogter. Waar kom sy vandaan, en hoekom lyk sy so baie na Annabel, die kat wat weggeraak het? Boonop is hierdie buurmeisie se naam óók Annabel… Mila besluit om ondersoek in te stel. Maar haar boetie Jannus spring haar voor en steel Annabel se mens-wordmiddel. Hy voer dit vir sy aaklige troeteldier, Rottes, net om te kyk wat gebeur.

Kattemaai 2: Annabel gaan skool toe

books my kids are enjoying

Mila se nuwe maat moet skool toe gaan. Maar sal sy weet hoe om haar soos ’n regte dogtertjie te gedra? Juffrou Kadawer jaag Annabel sommer dadelik uit die klas oor haar vreemde kat-maniere. Maar waar kom hierdie nuwe juffrou vandaan, en hoekom is sy op Rottes se spoor? Die toorpolisie keer die maats vas, en dan laat val Jannus ’n vuurhoutjie op die verkeerde plek…

Eleven Dogs Live With Me

books my kids are enjoying

We are a dog loving family and when my kids see a dacshound or basset hound in a book or on tv, they are instantly hooked! It was no different with this one.

What’s it about: (We can so relate to this ha ha! – except, we don’t have 11 dogs!)

The basset never listens.
The dachshund always barks.
The schipperke has far too much fur and sheds it all about.
Eleven dogs is such a lot!
All the joy, mess and chaos of dogs are captured in this book
– multiplied by eleven!

This is a book every dog lover will relate to and want for their

101 Jokes Series by Jaco Jacobs

books my kids are loving

Jaco Jacobs is the master of jokes and funny stories and now
his 101 Joke books are finally available in English as well!
Prepare for hours of laughter and entertainment at a price
that will make you smile…

I am adding these to Alyssa and Aidan’s Easter basket I am putting together for the long weekend. It is definitely going to keep them laughing and smiling 🙂

Happy Reading



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