A few books my kids are enjoying

With the cooler weather setting in, we are starting to spend a lot more time indoors. I am not going to lie – I kind of love it!

My kids also enjoy being at home when its cold and rainy outside as it gives us time to chill and relax as a family.

The cooler weather also gives us time to catch up on some reading. We all love to snuggle up with a good book – especially when it’s pouring outside!

I often get asked for book recommendations for kids, so I thought I’d share what the kids have enjoyed reading lately!

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Books My Kids Are Loving Right Now

Wish I could be chilling hard with a good book like these two – but alas, Mom has to work!

I recently shared the books that I read and loved in September and seeing that Alyssa and Aidan have been loving a few good books too, I thought I would share them over here too!

So if you are looking to add a few good reads to your child’s collection – here are some recommendations from my two little bookworms.

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Some Books My Kids Are Enjoying Right Now

Books My Kids Are Enjoying

It’s World Book Day today! Yay!

I’m a firm believer of reading to children as their brains are literally like sponges that take in every single word!

As my kids are getting older I am enjoying seeing Alyssa reading on her own and also reading to Aidan. Aidan is also starting to identify words in books which makes me so happy.

With it being World Book Day today, I thought I’d share some books these two are enjoying at the moment.

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