Kitchen Treasures

soup bowl

With our home renovations nearing completion, my husband and I began arranging, sorting and re-packing our new kitchen this past weekend. It took longer than expected due to the fact that we had a 16 month old trying to help us…. you know how that story goes.

I must admit that I  do not spend much time cooking  in the kitchen and my hubby is definitely the Masterchef of our household, but i do love spending quality family time in that space.

While we were packing, i decided to take pictures of some of my treasures which have sentimental value to me… its definitely not the biltong maker or vintage sandwich press which the hubby would deem  treasures…

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I’m on quite a winning spree lately….. I’ve won a photoshoot from New Age Portraits at the Decorex Expo, tickets to the Good Food and Wine show last weekend courtesy of a Vida e cafe and thanks to SA Decor and Design I won 2 tickets to the Kamers vol geskenke expo this weekend.

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Saturday Strollin’




With a long list of errands to run this Saturday, we planned to get an early start to avoid the Saturday morning rush. We needed to get a number of last minute items for our home renovation…(we at the point now where we realise that there is truth to the saying about renovating….. its double the initial cost& triple the time).

We hit Cape Town CBD fairly early however we roamed the streets with no sense of urgency really. I used to work in the CBD for a long while and i really miss the atmosphere and vibe… It also brings back great memories of the 2010 Soccer World cup when it felt like a month long party!

It was the first time Alyssa got to walk those streets and she had so much fun doing it. There was quite a chill in the air but we were dressed for the occasion.

We visited a few lighting shops and finally decided, ordered and paid for all the new light fixtures in our home but gosh it took a while…. and it doesnt help having a toddler running around the store opening boxes and swimming on the floor! Once the house is finally complete, I will share our choices with you.

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