What I love most about being back at work after maternity leave 


I’ve been back at work for about 2 months now and it’s incredible to see how much Aidan has developed in such a short time. When I get home some evenings and he greets me with his gorgeous smile, he just looks so much older than he did the day before. He’s already mastered 2 new skills within these few weeks – sitting by himself for a few seconds and rolling over from his back on to his tummy.

So yes, I am definitely missing out on special moments with him but I must admit it … I am actually enjoying being back at the office and these are the reasons why:

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Clicks Baby Event


Earlier this week I was lucky enough to attend the Clicks Baby event and spent my morning with members of the media and other Blogger Moms. It was held at the awesome Four & Twenty restaurant in Wynberg, which is a magnificent spot – I will definitely be going back there soon.

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toyToggle Review and Giveaway – Competition closed


Aidan is at this stage where he grabs everything and puts it in his mouth and then 2 seconds later he drops it and it falls to the ground. So instead of me picking up the toy/dummy/ bottle (like a fool) we’ve been using the awesome toyToggle.

The ToyToggle is useful from birth until 3 years old. It is useful for a small baby to keep the dummy attached to the car seat straps and easy to find while driving. It is ideal at teething stages to keep teethers clean and prevent loss, also attaches to bottles so that baby can hold there own bottle without dropping it to the floor. Once baby starts on solids its great on the high-chair so mom doesn’t spend all day picking toys up off the floor and as baby grows they will start to understand where the toy/bottle etc goes and begin to pull it up themselves which Aidan is doing right now and I think its a very important developmental milestone.  ToyToggle is great in the car right up to 3 years old so if the sippy cup drops they can get it back while still strapped in.

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Visit The My Little Pony Friendship Land & Nerf or Nothin’ Blaster Bootcamp this school holidays 

Alyssa and I had some girl time yesterday when we visited the My little Pony Friendship Land at Canal Walk and we had so much fun. I really loved My Little Pony growing up and it was totally awesome that I could share the experience with Alyssa.

We loved the exciting world of My Little Pony Friendship Land where the My Little Pony sociability and friendship values came to life with a variety of fun activities. These include a friendship bracelet workshop, pony fashion play and magic hair station set out within the My Little Pony Equestria, the magical land where the ponies live.

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