Toddler Tantrums! 


Whether its the terrible two’s or the transition with the new sibling, I’m not sure but Alyssa is definitely going through a significant change in behaviour.

Listening to Mom and Dad is just not happening, throwing food off her plate, crying for no apparent reason, hanging on Dads ear (literally) whenever she gets a chance, waking up during the night crying and screaming for milk – these are just some of the things which she has been doing lately. We’ve done all we can to make the transition of 2 kids easier for her and we seemed to have made some progress but then life happened. Mom had to spend a week in hospital with baby bro and we were back to square one.

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On the Homefront 

Wow, the winter weather has really kicked in big time and I have to say that’s it’s great being home and under the covers – one of the perks of being on maternity leave during the winter months. I have about 2 more months left and I plan to make the most of it!

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Worst week ever! 

 So if you’ve read my last post, you’d know how fed up I’ve been with all the germs which has literally knocked down our entire family! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, Aidan’s cold took a turn for the worst on Saturday morning and was admitted to hospital. It was very scary to see the Doctors reaction when she listened to Aidan’s lungs. She said he had a severe case of Bronchiolotis and a test confirmed he was infected with the RSV virus. I remember reading about RSV in Cindy’s blogpost recently and immediately knew that we would be at the hospital for a while. The effects of RSV are worse the tinier baby is and it hit Aidan pretty badly.

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