Tales Of Having Two Kids

Having your first child is life changing for sure, but having the second one brings on a totally different ballgame. Last month Kim Kardashian posted on her blog,  some of her experiences of how life has changed since Saint was born. She referred to her journey on breastfeeding and how difficult it was for her to breastfeed Saint, with North around. While breastfeeding Saint on the one breast, she literally had to put a small milk carton with a straw in her bra on the opposite side and “feed” North. Her breastfeeding journey with Saint did not last very long because of this.

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The Great Debate

1545733_664447416951728_178104713_nBreast or bottle? That’s the question all pregnant women ask themselves before giving birth and there are of course advocates on both sides keen to win you over. I’m also sure this post has been written a million times but… we each have our own story and every baby is unique. . What works for one may not work for the other.

While I really do believe in the benefits of breastfeeding, I don’t have anything against formula either. There are many reasons why some moms prefer formula over breastfeeding and each to their own. I’ve stuck with breastfeeding as it worked out so well with Alyssa and up until now with Aidan. As long as Aidan is gaining weight and healthy, I will continue to breastfeed however I won’t have a problem introducing formula to him should the need arise. People always say that the longer you breastfeed the healthier baby will be throughout childhood. WHATEVER! I breastfed Alyssa for a year, yet she’s been getting sick every other week since she’s started school! Aidan is breastfed, yet he picked up RSV from Alyssa!

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Jungle Juice Recipe


Hi ladies

I thought I would share this recipe for Jungle Juice which I’ve been making lately. The juice helps stimulate breastmilk and helps with energy levels. It’s really simple to make and tastes great.

The ingredients are as follows:

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