Alyssa’s My Little Pony Themed Party


So my Big Girl turned 4 last week and to celebrate, we hosted friends and family at the Black Bull Steakhouse for a My Little Pony themed party.

Let’s just say, Alyssa and I were equally responsible for the choice of theme – but I must admit, I’m crazy over these colorful creatures. Not only because of the infectious colours, but I love how ponies celebrate life – honouring friendship and kindness to others! Each Pony is unique and colourful in it’s own right.

Preparing for the party was absolute bliss – with the help of Pinterest of course. There are so many ideas for the theme, however, My little Pony decor and favours are not as easy to find, as opposed to some of the Disney-themed characters. After shopping around and doing some DIY though, I was able to pull it off.

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Visit The My Little Pony Friendship Land & Nerf or Nothin’ Blaster Bootcamp this school holidays 

Alyssa and I had some girl time yesterday when we visited the My little Pony Friendship Land at Canal Walk and we had so much fun. I really loved My Little Pony growing up and it was totally awesome that I could share the experience with Alyssa.

We loved the exciting world of My Little Pony Friendship Land where the My Little Pony sociability and friendship values came to life with a variety of fun activities. These include a friendship bracelet workshop, pony fashion play and magic hair station set out within the My Little Pony Equestria, the magical land where the ponies live.

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