My Christmas Wishlist

With 2020 being such a tough year, I wasn’t going to do this.

But my personal Santa Claus asked me to make a wish list as to what I would like for Christmas. He must have found it pretty useful in previous years!

Nevertheless, I will humour him and share what I wouldn’t mind finding under the Christmas tree on the 25th of December!

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Festive Reindeer Chocolate Bark

reindeer bark

School is out for the year and I am trying to keep the kids as creative and occupied as possible!

There is now lots of time to get the kids involved in making some of their own tasty Christmas treats and crafts!

This week they made some yummy festive chocolate reindeer bark. It’s a really fun way to keep them busy and I think it will actually make for a gift for those chocolate lovers!

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Gift Idea: Cyberverse Battle Call Trooper Class figures

Cyberverse Battle Call Trooper Class figures.

The Transformers Battle for Cybertron is on and Aidan is ready for it!

If there is one thing Aidan loves most, it has to be free play with his figures. He can literally play with them for hours. I love how his imagination runs wild and the things he comes up with!

He was so excited at the chance of reviewing the new Bumblebee Cyberverse Battle Call Trooper Class figure – I think his face gives it away in this picture 🙂

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Gift Idea: Baby Alive Baby Gotta Bounce

baby alive

As Christmas approaches I’m sure the kids have been sharing what’s on their list for Santa!

One of the items on Alyssa’s list this year is the Baby Alive Baby Gotta Bounce Doll! So you can imagine her excitement when Hasbro asked us to review one of them.

Alyssa has another Baby Alive Doll for over a year and it’s her absolute favourite Doll whom she named Starfire.

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