My Birthday Wishlist 2019

birthday wishlist

It’s my birthday month! Usually, I’d have a long birthday wishlist of items that I would post over here well in advance, with the hopes of my birthday-fairy-god-husband seeing it.

But this year I’m slightly delayed with putting it out there!

Don’t despair, Fairy-God-Husband -I’ve got you covered with some ideas.

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Dear Alyssa

A letter to Alyssa on her sixth birthday…

SIX …. how did we get here so quickly?

Every year on your birthday when I write you a letter, I literally get teary eyed thinking of how special you are and every year there are even more reasons to think so. God could not have blessed me anymore in the Daughter department. 

Your loving, caring nature is absolutely amazing and as you’re getting older it’s shining through more and more.

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