Bundle Box review


I absolutely love the concept of Bundle Box by the Babygroup. Designed for the needs of new moms with products to make life a little bit easier during your pregnancy and in baby’s first year, the goodies in each box are handpicked to your specific needs.

This would be a way for a new mom to try products and see which ones work for her without the commitment of buying a large quantity. It would also be a way for new moms to find options they hadn’t even thought of yet!

I was lucky enough to receive a box to review this month, which consisted of 3 great products. The box arrived with cute packaging and filled with products that I would actually use.

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A roundup of our year thus far…

This year has really started off with a bang and I can’t believe that January is already past halfway! It feels like just yesterday that we were wrapping Christmas presents and eating mince pies.

The first two weeks of January had me getting things in order for Alyssa’s first day of toddler school. I felt like such a Mom putting name tags on clothing , planning lunchbox ideas and buying school supplies. I was back at the office on the 5th of January already, while Kurt worked right through the holidays so we tried to feel a bit of holiday cheer over the weekends and went on a few day trips.

Visiting the animals at Giraffe house

Visiting the animals at Giraffe house

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Thinking about…. Our first home

I was recently inspired by Compass (a New York City real estate platform offering personal service for finding a perfect starter home) to share a little about our first home for an international blog series they are doing. Very excited about this prospect, I immediately started looking for pictures of our very first home but then soon remembered that I lost most of them when my old PC crashed 🙁 I did however find a few which actually brought back so many awesome memories.

My then boyfriend , now husband (Kurt) and I bought our first place together in 2006. We knew we were going to get married in the next few years but thought we would get a head-start in the property market first. In 2006, pre-recession, gaining access to finance for first time buyers was as easy as pie. We got a 120% mortgage bond which meant we didn’t need a deposit or any funds up-front to pay for any legal costs. It was a 2 bedroom house with a very small garden, nothing fancy at all, but we were proud of our home and the fact that we were home-owners. When we first moved in, the front of the house was basically just dying grass. We nurtured it, planted some trees and flowers and that’s when I realized that gardening was actually something I enjoyed. We had so many braai’s in that garden as it had just the perfect amount of sun and shade to just chill and relax.


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