One Is Like One, Two Is Like Twenty

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I never really understood the saying 1 is like 1, 2 is like 20 – but believe you me – I do now!

Before Aidan was born, I sort of had the impression that the jump to two kids will be easier than the jump to one because we’ve done it before. We should know what to expect. But honestly… that is sort of laughable to me now. The transition from 1-2 is very much like entering a completely different universe. A familiar universe at times, but mostly still unique.

Life with one kid was a lot easier.

After we had Alyssa however, those first 3 months were so exhausting – or so we thought. My perception of the word exhausting is just on a whole other level now!

After Aidan was born, I found juggling the needs of two little ones extremely hard. Having to deal with the tantrums of the toddler whose world has now been turned upside down and not to mention the lack of sleep – it gave me a serious reality check. 

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How Do You Feel When Your Child Gets Hurt?


Got A Ouchie Mama..

The other day we were out for lunch and as we were leaving, Aidan had a bit of a fall outside of the restaurant. He bumped his head and scraped it open. I saw blood. I felt like fainting.

He and Kurt were walking ahead of me and Alyssa, so we could almost watch it unfold.

It was clearly an accident but for some reason, I felt angry.

Nevermind the child who’s bleeding and crying, I was so just so furious that it happened.

I was mad at myself for not preventing it. I was upset with Kurt for not preventing it.

I felt angry at the restaurant for not having supervision.

I felt I needed someone to blame, even though it was just an accident.

So why did I feel that way?

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