Photo DIY (from Alyssa’s party)


I decided to make a photo collage for Alyssa’s birthday of her second year and found this cool idea on Pinterest. It was so easy to do, the hardest part was selecting which pictures to print and use as we have taken like thousands over the past year! It was so much fun putting it together and it was a great way to show party guests Alyssa’s milestones and  different events during Alyssa’s second year.

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Alyssa’s 2nd Birthday Party at Giraffe House


We celebrated Alyssa’s birthday at Giraffe House in Stellenbosch on Saturday and had so much fun! The venue, the weather, the animals and the guests all contributed to making the day oh so special for our little princess. Being February in Cape Town, I was at first a bit concerned that it may be extremely hot and unbearable at the venue but it seems that Autumn is making an early appearance and on the days leading up to the party I was actually praying that it wouldn’t rain on Saturday morning!

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Happy 2nd Birthday Alyssa

Happy birthday to my gorgeous little princess! Alyssa, you have brought and continue to bring so much Joy in our lives and we cannot imagine a life without you.

The past 2 years have gone by in a heartbeat but as they say time flies when you are having fun! It feels like just yesterday that we were patiently awaiting your arrival – 11 days after your expected due date, it seemed like forever before you made an appearance but you were definitely worth the wait.

As we watch you learn and grow each day, our hearts fill up with gratitude and we look forward to see what the future holds for you.

At her 1st photoshoot at 10 days old

At her 1st photoshoot at 10 days old

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Loving two

IMG_7643 (2)

Comparing Bumps

As of late I’ve had sleepless nights wondering how it would be possible for me to love my unborn baby as much as Alyssa. I couldn’t help but wonder. How on earth is it possible to share your love equally? Surely the bond between a Mother and her first born is stronger?

People say that when your second child is born you don’t halve your love you double it, but I was really struggling to fathom this. I  really wasn’t planning on discussing this at all as I was a bit ashamed about these feelings, but once I read a poem  I recently found, I knew I wasn’t the first and I won’t be the last.  It literally had me in tears… these d@mn pregnancy hormones!!! I am going to read this every time I have the slightest feeling of doubt that “doubling” my love is not possible! Here it is:

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