A visit to the Aquarium

All of last week my husband was telling Alyssa and I that he had a surprise outing planned for us. The only clue he gave was that the outing involved animals, which Alyssa is totally obsessed with at the moment. Dogs, birds, fish you name it…. the girl is smitten. It was much to our delight that the destination he chose was the Aquarium… I am still not sure who had a better time though…. me or Alyssa.

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Cape Homemakers Expo


If you weren’t at the Cape Homemakers Expo this past weekend, you really missed out. It was definitely the place to find inspiration for all your décor and lifestyle needs. I’m really thankful to have been able to give 10 of my readers and their partners an opportunity to visit the Expo and I sincerely hope that they enjoyed themselves. I thought  I would share some of the photo’s I took at the Expo, for those of you who were unable to attend.

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A walk in the park


Spring has really come early this year! The weather was perfect this weekend and Alyssa was just lapping up the sunshine. We visited Green Point Park on Saturday morning and had so much fun.

Alyssa absolutely loves birds and there were so many flying and swimming about, she was just running around trying to catch them….. until I noticed something green, runny and shiny in her hair. Yep…. it was bird poo.

Wiping the bird poo off Alyssa's hair

Wiping the bird poo off Alyssa’s hair

Shame, she shortly recovered after that little mishap and I explained to her that it’s actually good luck 🙂

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