Aidan’s Nautical Nursery



I’m so happy to share some pictures of Aidan’s nautical nursery with you. It wasn’t 100% ready by the time he arrived and I wanted to add a few more small touches but nonetheless, we are enjoying the space! I got some amazing tips from Melissa Louise ( see my previous post) which really helped me make the most out of the room. Although we re-used a number of hand-me-downs such as the cot, compactum and feeding chair from Alyssa’s nursery, it was really fun putting the room together and we are really happy with the end result.

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Jungle Juice Recipe


Hi ladies

I thought I would share this recipe for Jungle Juice which I’ve been making lately. The juice helps stimulate breastmilk and helps with energy levels. It’s really simple to make and tastes great.

The ingredients are as follows:

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Product review – The NUK Summertime Soother



I was so excited to see that NUK has introduced new funky designs of their Summertime Soothers and was lucky enough to introduce them to both of my kids. Alyssa has always only used NUK bottles and soothers, she literally would not take to any other brand, so I will of course be introducing NUK products to Aidan. Alyssa still uses a soother at bed time and now with Aidan using one, she naturally wants to use hers more often. I’m not going to take that comfort away from her now, she will grow out of it soon enough!

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Two (and a half) weeks in – as parents of Two


BTS of our first family of 4 photoshoot

What a rollercoaster this past 2 weeks have been! To think I would still not have given birth at this point, should Aidan have arrived on or around his due date. In some ways I am happy that he decided to come so early (and so speedily!) and on the other hand it would have been nice to have a few weeks extra to better prepare and get some rest.

Well, here we are two weeks in and it we are easing into our “new normal”. Thus far, it hasn’t been easy but it hasn’t  been that hard either….some things are just easier this time around and some things are just harder:

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