Welcome Aidan Cole Malan


I am so thrilled to announce that on Tuesday 31 March 2015 we welcomed our little boy Aidan Cole Malan into the world.  Arriving 3 weeks earlier than his estimated due date and within just a few hours of labour this little man was clearly in a hurry to meet us.

You know how in the movies when someone goes into labour, it seems as though that baby will arrive in minutes and there’s always a mad rush to the hospital? I would always laugh as I know labour takes a long time to progress (as it did with my first pregnancy) but it seems that is not always the case.

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My “Ready to Pop” Baby shower


This past weekend, two of my dearest hosted the most AWESOME Baby shower for me and it was just so special! Almost everything was home baked and looked absolutely stunning, the games were fun & entertaining and the guests just made the day ever so stunning. This little man is already so blessed and I am so grateful that we have such amazing friends and family in our lives.

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Just the 3 of us – for the next 38 days or so


My pregnancy app on my cell phone is beginning to frighten me! It previously made me feel like an elephant when it told me I had been pregnant for more than 200 days and for the past few weeks it’s changed it’s tune and is now counting down the days until my due date. Today it says I have 38 days to go – and that is a very scary, yet exciting thought.

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