Kitchen – before and after

I am thrilled to share some photographs of our newly finished kitchen, after enduring months of renovations not only to the kitchen but to the rest of the house as well. Eventually it all came together and we are quite happy with the results but before I get to the “After” pics lets take a look at what the kitchen used to look like.

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Weekend roundup


We had such a relaxing weekend for the first time in a very long while. Without a list of things to do, we leisurely enjoyed the beautiful Cape Town weather. On Saturday morning we went to the V and A waterfront for breakfast and browsed through the V And A watershed. It was the first time I’d been to the watershed and I will definitely be back again.

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Pink or Blue

Pink or blue

So yesterday was the big day where we found out whether Alyssa will be having a little sister or brother. Before the visit to the doctor, everyone around me was telling me that it was a boy but I really believed that I am carrying another little girl.

With my first pregnancy  I initially had a feeling that I was carrying a boy and was quite surprised when we heard that it was a girl.

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