My (way overdue) hair makeover

So this has been way overdue… I haven’t had a colour, cut or treatment since like 2014 ( before I fell pregnant with Aidan).

I thought I would treat myself to a trip to the Style Bar in Tygervalley yesterday and I’m really happy with the results. Towards the end of my pregnancy I kept saying that this would be one of the first things I would do post birth but of course with 2 kids, these things are not always possible. Aidan is 16 weeks already! Well anyway, I finally got the chance now in the last few weeks of my maternity leave.

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Product Review – Pampers unisex pull up pants 

IMG_9751A few weeks back i was asked to try out the new Pampers pull up pants with Alyssa. Although she is fully potty trained during the day, she still wears a nappy at night due to her still drinking bottles of milk. She also wears one should we be out and about around the time of her daytime nap.

I was happy to be asked as we haven’t really tried out pull up pants before and just use the normal Pampers premium care at night but the problem with that is if Alyssa wakes up and wants to use the potty during the night, it’s a mission to take off the nappy.

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Happy holidays

 Since becoming a Mom, this is the first year that the school holidays actually has an impact on my life – being Alyssa’s first year at toddler school. Her school has holiday care for the first and last week of the holidays but the week in between its closed. Alyssa enjoyed the first week at holiday care as they had so many fun activities – I even got my first macaroni necklace!

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My Maternity Leave Must-haves 

Oh, all the plans I had for my maternity leave….All the places I was going to visit. All the series I was going to watch while my Aidan napped peacefully in his cot and Alyssa played quietly… Yeah right!

With just a few weeks left of my maternity leave ( sob sob) I thought I would share some of the things which have made my time at home with the kids so much cosier and kept me sane!

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